Welcome to PKC Doggy Day Care and Cattery

PKC Doggy Day Care and Cattery is conveniently located on the corner of Welcome Bay Road and Te Puke Highway. Originally set up/established as a boarding Kennel and Cattery, the business has evolved into PKC Doggy Day Care and Cattery.

The owners, Tanya and Bruce Major, are committed to your furry friends’ safety, comfort and happiness while they are in our care.

Mission Statement

Our priority is the welfare of your beloved Cat or Dog. This drives everything we do!

Our Doggy Day Care provides an ideal place for your dog to play, develop K9 social skills and be entertained & stimulated, in a large, open, and fun environment.

The Cattery caters as a safe, exceptionally clean and fun boarding facility for your furry friends, whilst you are away for business, family or play. PLUS we can cater for Cat Day Stays.

Whilst our primary focus is to provide reliable Doggy Day Care and a first class boarding facility for Cats, we do take limited, selected dogs for boarding from our existing customers. Bookings must be in advance and depend on availability.

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Trained Team Members:

Our team work here because they love cats and dogs first and foremost. You can’t train that! But we do train our team how to properly care for Cats and Dogs in a Cattery and Doggy Day Care environment. This includes what to look out for, how to keep the facilities clean & hygienic, and to ensure all the cats and dogs in our care are having a great time.

Happy Customers:

We get lots of referrals from our current customers and Vets from around the region. You cannot argue with that!

Our Mantra for making decisions:

Is it good for the Cat or Dog? & Is it good for our Team?

Yes to both = Decision is Yes

No to either = Decision is NO