Seen as us couriers seem to get a really hard time on here I thought I would balance it back out by describing some of my worse experiences with customers just to show that it’s not always us couriers who are the bad guys ?

1) I left my phone number so the customer could re-arrange delivery of her parcel as it was a block of flats and she re-arranged the time 4 times in the one afternoon/evening by txt each time from 2:30 to 3:30 to 5:30 to 6:
2) I had a customer who signed for a parcel last Xmas which turned out to be a PlayStation which she claimed she had neither signed for nor had received ? when I politely reminded her of the conversation we had when she was signing for it she still claimed not to have
3)I have a customer at the moment who moans at me when he is woken up during the day to receipt HIS parcel because he is nightshift yet doesn’t leave accesss to a safe place?…..

4)I have been shouted at by customers claiming I never tried to deliver their parcels despite the fact that I only get paid when I end of life a parcel
5) I have lost count of the amount of times I have turned up at a customers door for a collection only to be told it’s either not ready, they have taken it back to a shop despite arranging a collection or they claim to know nothing about it? Each one of these attempts costs me money as I only get paid for collecting a parcel….

However I must stress that probably 80% of my customers are regulars who understand that we are only trying to earn a living and will help us by either waiting in for the parcels that THEY have ordered or by leaving access to a safe….Yes it actually works when both parties are willing to compromise ?

I suspect the other 20% are the ones that come on here and seem to enjoy having a go at

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