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Replica Celine Where do social power hierarchies come from? How has this idea of cool versus uncool (or even nerdy, in some cases) become so normalized? This presentation will discuss the use of two primary textsThe Clique by Lisi Harrison and TTYL by Lauren Myracleto investigate the phenomenon of power hierarchies and further understand how they have come about. Both of these books center on cool girls in middle and high school, respectively, and the drama and rewards that comes with being the most popular, and the meanest, girls in school. These two texts can provide us with insight into how children and adolescents learn about these power hierarchies both in and out of school and how they are communicated to and enforced upon each other. Replica Celine

For now, Inge and Andrews are adamant they can handle the strain. On Monday, the whole routine starts over again the 7am blow dries, the Net a porter desk deliveries, the crack of dawn workouts. ‘One Thursday night I went home with a guy who lived in Ealing and he was really offended when I set my alarm for 4.45am in order to make my 6am bootcamp sesh before work,’ Andrews says with a laugh.

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