Alien Blood In Sockb4by, one of the Man I Two twins (the Heder brothers) blood is orange, the other’s is yellow. Also, Doug Jones’ blood is black. And the first mook (the one that gets his hand caught in the blender) has pink blood. All There in the Manual Subverted. While clarification about the Sockbaby universe has been done on Doug TenNapel’s forums, he has stated that everything you need to know about the films is right there in the movies. There’s still no explaining that first scene, though. Applied Phlebotinum Sockbaby brings Ronnie back to life with some sort of pixie dust after his fight with Lord Opticord. Artifact Title Sockbaby is nowhere to be seen in Sockb4by. Art Major Biology Ronnie’s mom was white and his dad was black; this, according to Doug TenNapel, is why Ronnie was born a black child but grew up to be a white man. Art Shift Ronnie’s plasma pill enduced energy blast that explodes one of the greys is shown in an animated sequence. Also, Ronnie’s lungs in Sockb4by. As Himself Doug Jones. Ass Kicking Pose: Frequently. Ronnie loves to pose. Badass Boast: Absolutely all over the place. Lord Optichord has an amazing one.”We don’t kill Sock Baby to “win”. There is no “win”.

replica ysl There is also a massive RP that started on the kinkmeme, but has developed into glorious insanity. The basic premise is: characters from pretty much every ST universe imaginable (and a couple from completely different ones) start appearing on the Enterprise. There is angst, crack, and lots of gay sex. This troper highly recommends stalking these posts, especially the plotlines for Harold (yeah, you read that right) and Cadet!Scott. fic (McCoy) and Felonazcorp’s ballet!AU (just about everybody else) that practically resulted in a proposal of marriage from this particular reader and an absolute Olympic size pool of squee from everyone else. replica ysl

Replica Yves Saint Laurent Segmented Serpent: Space Invader Infinity Gene’s boss: Centipede. Its head is equipped with a gun which shoots lasers at you. When a segment is destroyed, the boss will split into individual serpents; each with guns on their heads. Destroying a head will cause all pieces to scatter and reform into one serpent again. Once enough segments are destroyed, the boss stops reforming, and the remaining segments start chasing you, all with guns. The Venus boss from Space Invaders X is a snake like machine that flies around the stage trying to collide with you with each of it’s segments contributing to the boss’s health. Replica Yves Saint Laurent

Ysl replica handbags The Power of Friendship: Since 2001, Smith has been using his filmmaking career to help keep Jason Mewes off of drugs. Smith refused to speak to him until went to rehab after Mewes stole his debit card to buy heroin and later promised to only keep casting him in movies if he remained clean. Their podcast, “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old,” is basically a weekly intervention to ensure Mewes, now married and with a daughter, won’t relapse. The Power of Love: Kevin has said that he wasn’t sure how much longer he was going to be a filmmaker for a variety of reasons (including critics and fans turning on him and personal burn out) but he cites working on Tusk as being his renaissance there. Ysl replica handbags

Ysl replica Darth Vader Clone: Sergei. He is one of the major heads of the Z syndicate, The Dragon to Oboro, and the older brother of Marcia. He also wears a face mask that obscures all of his face save for his right eye. Likewise, he ends up defecting to the Heroes side due to his love for his sister (although he implies upon defecting that he wasn’t exactly loyal to Oboro to begin with, either). Deadpan Snarker + Only Sane Man: The GCN Hero, turned up a notch in “The Grand Battle”. Replica Ysl handbags Ysl replica

replica ysl handbags In the style of an Implacable Man he ejects himself out of it and continues attacking the hero wearing a gadget loaded space suit. The Dragon: Mr Igoe. Dreaming of Things to Come: Jack’s dream about the old lady with a (cigarette lighter) gun and the high prices of her groceries. Drowning My Sorrows: Tuck, a washed out Naval Aviator, was already an alcoholic before Lydia dumped him, then he got worse. Although he claims to have sobered up before the miniaturization project, it’s obvious to his coworkers that he’s off the wagon (and also to the audience, judging by all the bottles he keeps stashed away in odd places in his apartment) replica ysl handbags.