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-Royal Blue Gloves… 6/10… Size 11… Paul had arranged for Colon, by now a winner of the popular television show, “The Voice”, to play a set at the reception at Hartford’s Bond Ballroom with a view of the hospital. “His speech went on, then Javier walked down the stairs. It was really exciting,” she remembers.

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But the moment your gut screams at you that things are whack, don hang around waiting for it to get better, hoping he will read your cues and romance will ensue. Trust your gut. Bounce.

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Of course, being at Mister Chai (which has a dedicated tea wall as well; right), it would be a crime to not taste its Cutting Chai. But, if you’re not in the mood for tea, you can always go for the milkshakes or non alcoholic drinks like Orange Ginger Punch and Teekha Lemonade. Dessert comes in the form of pastries, macaroons and chocolates..

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