For years, I been proud and adult, wrestling with difficult scents, wearing them with great pride, wafting difficulty behind me. Not a fan of vanilla or rose, I wore my sharp cypres and my smoke soaked leathers because… And then I couldn wear them anymore. It was the day I tried on Tulipe and began to cry. It was just beautiful. It was OK to like beautiful. It didn all have to be a daring choice, a glass sharp sillage. It doesn all have to be a challenge.

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– ON THIS SATURDAY (From 22:00 hours)
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Named in the Amiga List (mural of the event) until 9pm:
WOMEN R $: 10,00 – MEN R $: 15,00 > List Name or after 9pm
WOMEN R $: 15,00 – MEN R $: 20,00

Information, cabins and birthdays reservation: (21) 98526-7905
< br> On Friday the dj Leco celebrates with the smaller of the plate, Gabby and Nego Double dose of COMBO of Smirnoff with fusion!

On Saturday has that pre-carnival with the block of the Rua Alberto Teixeira Cunha 36- Nilópolis Hermes Replica Handbags

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