Though Tombragel picked up riding relatively late in life, he made up in ability what he lacked in experience. As his fitness and physique transformed, friends suggested he try racing. And as he upgraded (he is now a category 2), so did his bikes. Exit to the terrace. Sleeping alcove with 1 x 2 bunk beds. Kitchenette (mini oven Replica Hermes Birkin Bags, 2 ceramic glass hob hotplates, microwave, electric coffee machine).

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This July 17, 2014 photo shows former first lady Laura Bush speaks during an interview next to her Oscar de la Renta dress and coat she wore to the swearing in ceremony at her husband’s 2005 inauguration that are on display in Dallas. The ensembles are among more than 60 featured in a new retrospective on de la Renta’s career that opens Saturday at the George W. Bush Library and Museum.

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