The Ditz: Bridget (played by Alice Brady), but she does give some sage advice sometimes, making her a Genius Ditz. Extreme Doormat: Clare borders on this. She was angry at Rogers when he first cheated on her, but she decided to let it go because she wanted to keep the illusion of a happy marriage.

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The tastes of a dozen different herbs from the region have stayed with me, their names long forgotten. His work speaks for itself, and I remain in admiration of his skill, work ethic and general go getter attitude. Ashish is my foraging buddy for the next five days, along with Mehdi, the most crucial of this unlikely trio: he the one who will drive us around the deep interiors of Ladakh in search of sea buckthorn, apricots, and whatever else we can find..

He gets better, however. Join or Die: The three sailors guarding the Koru when Nemo and his men steal it are given this choice. They all join. Holly Days: credited as a Denny Laine solo album, but actually a Wings album in all but name (with Paul Linda as the only other personnel on it); this one is an album of Buddy Holly covers. “Love Is Strange”: on the Wild Life album. “Walking In The Park With Eloise”: an instrumental, non LP single “written” by Paul’s father (who only claimed to have “made it up”), recorded in Nashville (with Chet Akins and Floyd Cramer) and released under the pseudonym The Country Hams.

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It’s in fact, not a place for just internet nerds. I’m a very avid user of forums and my friends just shrug their shoulders when I try and talk to them about it. In all reality, if I had to choose between facebook and forums I would without a doubt choose forums..

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