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Replica Valentino Bag Jaguar’s XF given a power boostJaguar’s XF model now comes with more choice of engine size19:00, 10 NOV 2017(Image: Edward Stephens) So for the motorist who finds the entry level 180ps engine is not quite quick enough for him or her but still want a car which will give them similar miles per gallon there is now a 200ps version available.And while it might not sound too much of a jump in engine power it’s obvious from the first time you get behind the wheel that the new option is much livelier.With this new four cylinder Ingenium engine under the bonnet this 2018 model year car will hit 62 miles per hour in just 7.5 seconds on its way to a top speed of 146 miles per hour. At the same time it promises sensible fuel consumption of 41.5mpg, which is pretty good for such a big car even if it does have a large aluminium content in its make up.Linked to an eight speed automatic gearbox it provides smooth, seamless motoring although for me this new petrol engine often sounded harsher through the gears than I would have expected from Jaguar.Paddles behind the steering wheel allow you to change manually and by doing that and changing up quicker than the auto box that harshness disappears, so for a lot of my time with the car I did just that.Peugeot 3008 given radical new look inside and outWhether you use the auto box or change gear yourself, however, once you reach your cruising speed this new XF becomes supremely quiet and cocoons you from the outside motoring world.The new engine is also impressively flexible particularly when using the paddles. You can go from first to eighth gear and still be within the speed limit in built up areas.And when you need that extra performance in a hurry the kick down function is quick and smooth allowing you to get out of trouble in an instant.As with all XF Replica Valentino Bag.