Essentially, the defendant agrees to plead “guilty” to one or more charges, in exchange for a lighter sentence. Often, a lesser charge is agreed to, avoiding a harsher penalty. For example, plea bargaining fake bags a felony down to misdemeanor, or an offense that would get the defendant on a “sex offenders” listing down to one that will not. The prosecutor may also recommend a lighter sentence to the judge, usually within the standard range. For instance, crime A is worth 6 9 months, crime B is worth 18 24 months. The accused was originally charged with crime B, but bargains and pleads guilty to crime A, and in exchange, the prosecutor recommends a sentence of 6 months. The judge may choose to give more, but only up to 9 months. Also note that the acceptance of the plea bargain is entirely dependent on the judge: if he or she feels the plea bargain is a gross miscarriage of justice (if a first degree murder is pleaded down to manslaughter, for example), the plea bargain can be rejected. If this happens, expect the judge to rebuke the prosecution. The other side of the coin is the problem with District Attorneys “front loading” the charges and potential sentences against the defendant to encourage a plea bargain. Many defendants who are either innocent or at least believe they have a reasonable chance at being found not guilty at trial plea bargain out anyways if crime B is worth 5 10 years jail but a plea bargain is available for crime A that allows for 6 9 months jail, many defendants would take the plea even if innocent to avoid the risk of spending 10 years inside.

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Replica Handbags The movie Saving Mr. Banks focuses around the long Development Hell the film underwent as Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) tried getting the rights from PL Travers (Emma Thompson). As such, nobody misses her when she leaves. Adaptational Nice Guy: Mary Poppins in the original books was much sterner and stricter. Adapted Out: In the books, Mr. and Mrs. Banks had five children (Jane, Michael, John, Barbara, and Annabelle) and three servants (Mrs. Brill, Ellen, and Robertson Ay). In both the film and stage show, only Jane and Michael appear and the servants are different between the two (Ellen in the movie and Robertson Ay in the musical accompany Mrs. Brill). Adorkable: Bert has his moments of endearing awkwardness, mostly around Mary Poppins. Almighty Janitor: Bert, despite being a variety job man that includes chimney sweeper, chalk painter, etc. seems to be one of the most well off people in both the film and musical. The upper class seem to respect him, he is an associate of Mary, and is implied to have some magic of his own. Truth in Television somewhat, since most people will discuss the strangest things in the earshot of the kinds of jobs he’s doing without thinking at the time. Ash Face: Mary Poppins and the children get covered in soot when they’re sucked up the chimney. Bert, naturally as a chimney sweep, is already covered in soot as is. Turned Up to Eleven by Mary Poppins, who takes out a makeup compact, and actually applies more ash to her already ash covered face. Bag of Holding: Mary takes full sized hat rack, a neck long mirror, a potted plant, and a hand mirror out of her carpet bag (one after the other). Beastly Bloodsports: Mary and her friends in the chalk drawing outing wander into a fox hunt and Bert decides to give the fox a hand to help him escape. Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Subverted when Mary goes up the chimney and along with the others winds up with an Ash Face. She actually runs with it, using some black makeup to darken her face some more. Bittersweet Ending: Mr. Banks starts to bond with his children, and the Banks are now a happier family. But with winds changing, Mary Poppins has to leave, which she does so without so much a goodbye. However, Bert wishes her a fond farewell and she spares him a smile. The musical takes it further. Bert and Mary Poppins convene at the end of Act 2 where Bert gives her a bouquet right out of a painting. Both sensing this might be their last meeting together, both say goodbye and Mary gives Bert a peck on the cheek. Just before she leaves, she sings about how it feels to have to move on to the next family Replica Handbags.