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Celine Bag Replica Six years after paying $265,000 toa concert producer that didn’t produce a concert, the city of Desert Hot Springs is, slowly but surely, staging music festivals again.The city co sponsored a Fall Festival with Five Star Fitness Center owner Suresh Shah on Oct 1 and, this Saturday Celine Bag Replica, it’s co sponsoring the Vortex Art Music Festival in the city’s new cultural district, orArt Zone Fake Celine Bags,at Palm Drive and Pierson Boulevard.This time, the city isn’t spending any taxpayer money on the festivals.Desert Hot Springs provided city services for the Fall Festival and approved adisbursement of $5,000for fireworks through itsnonprofit organization, which can accept private donations. The Desert Hot Springs Cannabis Alliance Network contributed another $7,500 after DHSCAN President Jason Elsasser said City Councilman Russell Betts solicited his organization to help organize and fund it.MORE: Cannabis Alliance for family funThe city says marijuana cultivation couldgenerate more than $30 million a year in tax revenue if all of the cultivation facilities approved by the city manage to open. Canndescent, which launched Desert Hot Springs’ first cultivation facility on Sept. Celine Bag Replica

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