Description: SCP 4445 is the incomplete archives of the SCP Foundation, a secret, global organization which exists to study, catalogue, and contain SCP Objects: artifacts and “items which jeopardize normalcy”. Instances of SCP Objects include humans with aberrant capabilities, creatures of extraterrestrial or extradimensional origin, memetic agents, [DATA EXPUNGED], and objects and devices with properties not fully explained by current scientific understanding. All represent clear threats to human normalcy cheap canada goose, human society, human sanity, human lives, or quite simply the Universe at large.

canada goose clearance The scene ends and we pick up the next morning with Chance walking down the street and giving a cheery hello to Dude. Later Chance and Feathers have a conversation where both say they are not sorry about what happened the night before. The Siege: The plot involves the villains laying siege to the jail where Joe is held and Sheriff Chance holding them off until the Marshal arrives. Source Music: While High Noon uses “Do Not Forsake Me” heavily during voice overs, here the characters themselves provide the “significant” music. canada goose clearance

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cheap Canada Goose Outlet And the Adventure Continues: The last episode of series 1, “What Use Our Work”, ends with one of the officers coming in and announcing that a man has locked himself up with four hostages and is threatening to kill them if he sees any cops. The scene ends on Reid getting up from his chair and turning to Drake and Jackson with a simple, “Shall we?” Anyone Can Die: Hobbs. Fred Best in season 3. Bennet Drake in season 4. cheap Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Outlet Abusive Parents: Yanagisawa’s parents in particular cheap canada goose , but many parents in the series are terrible parents. Acid Pool: Hoshina, in Red Chrysanthemum tries to murder Sano in a pool of lye. Sano manages to take him out instead. Action Girl: Reiko, who was allowed to train in martial arts by her father and often finds herself in a situation where she must fight her way out. Anyone Can Die: With this many swords and murders going around, it should be no surprise a few regular characters have met their end. Canada Goose Outlet

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