Frozen in time: Julie Christie in the supermarket queue, June 1965

Queuing up for groceries amid resigned-looking, behatted shoppers didn’t quite canada goose coat 1000 bulbs garland buy canada goose jacket in canada fit Julie Christie’s 1965 lifestyle – even though she’s doing a good job of looking the most bored of them all. This was the year that Christie’s celebrity went stratospheric, with the release of both Darling, for which she would win an Oscar, and Doctor Zhivago. As Darling’s Diana Scott, she throws off the shackles of conventional marriage and embraces a glitzy metropolitan life with cultural commentator Dirk Bogarde – although she quickly moves on to the European jetset in the capable hands of charming adman Laurence Harvey. The film, written by Frederic Raphael and directed by John Schlesinger with a soundtrack by best price for canada goose jacket John Dankworth more info, buy canada goose jacket ebay operates as both a cautionary tale – Diana leaves what seems like a perfectly nice husband to pursue a notion of romance that is never satisfied – and as a visual record of the decade’s clashing styles.

While Christie was becoming a household name, photo-journalist David Hurn was busy capturing canada goose coat 1000 calorie her in everyday settings – on the London Underground, opening wine and sitting on the floor at home with friends, arranging flowers in her kitchen in front of a poster offering a cup of tea and a roll and butter for fivepence. Whether they’re the same flowers as she’s clutching while she waits in her neat two-piece is not entirely clear. Certainly supermarkets were the height of modernity; although the first in the UK had opened in Streatham in 1951, it was in best price canada goose best ideas about canada goose parka on pinterest jacket outlet usa online store the 1960s that they really began to gather pace, offering an entirely new experience to shoppers used to doing to the rounds buy canada goose jacket australia of butcher, baker canada goose coat 1000 calorie bariatric diet and candlestick maker to restock their larders.

Hurn, whose Bayswater flat served as a meeting place for many of the era’s most vivid and bohemian stars of modelling and acting, straddled the worlds of documentary and portrait photography. buy canada goose jacket online canada In the previous decade, he had covered the Hungarian uprising; in 1964, he spent weeks on the set of the Beatles’ film A Hard Day’s Night; the year after this photograph was taken, he was on hand to capture the horrific scenes that followed the Aberfan coal slip disaster. Whatever his subject, the impulse to catch the moment before it turns has persisted.