As a designer, you become if not a social commentator, then at least a social observer. Course, art is often a response to the changing world, politically and otherwise. Carroll references the direct correlation between Margaret Thatcher, for example, and the rise of Britain punk subculture..

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Underneath Kelly’s cool, refined exterior was a warm hearted, gracious woman, as numerous documents on view attest. There are letters of appreciation from Queen Elizabeth, love letters from Prince Rainier, and notes from Bing Crosby, Cary Grant, David Niven and Alfred Hitchcock. Other memorabilia include guest lists for royal Sunday brunches and Kelly family Christmas cards..

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Unless you have no sense of history at all, you know this is coming from early in the movie. It gives the film a creeping dread, but director Sunao Katabuchi ignores that anxiety, in order to create an idyllic portrait of ordinary life for two families in those years. We begin near Hiroshima in 1933, when Suzu, a girl of 11, lives with her parents and siblings in a village by the sea.

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