Primarily, PKC operates as a Doggy Day Care Centre, however our excellent facilities allow for us to cater for a limited number of boarding customers. Please note that boarding is only available for existing Customers, as we can only accept social dogs which we are familiar with and trust.

Play Areas:

We take great care in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of every animal in our care. We ensure that dogs of similar size/agility run together to promote a fun and safe play time. We have three separate areas for our small, medium, and large dogs, with multiple play paddocks within these sections. Our large, grassed areas allow the energetic dogs to zoom around, and for our elderly or timid dogs that would prefer more peace and quiet, we have smaller areas where they can laze about in the sun without getting hassled by the more active dogs.


Fun & Safety:

Our staff are always close by, constantly monitoring behaviour, and spending lots of time with the dogs. This allows us to build behaviour profiles for each dog, to ensure we can run them with the best friends possible for him/her. The dogs have approximately three hours of free running in the morning before they are put away in their individual kennels, for their brunch and some well-earned rest. They are let out again for around three hours in the afternoon and then it is a yummy dinner and off to bed for the night.


All dogs have individual kennels, unless there are two dogs from the same family, where they can share a larger kennel. The kennels are fully washed every day in the morning and sprayed with disinfectant in the afternoon. Fresh bedding is provided, and for the muddy pups, we ensure they are rinsed off before going to bed. All dogs have their own clean and comfortable space for their much needed alone-time.

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