As Himself/Adam Westing: On The Big Bang Theory: He plays Sheldon’s (ex )Arch Enemy, an antagonistic version of his real life persona (“Evil Wil Wheaton”). Born Unlucky: Wil’s dice rolls are legendarily terrible, to memetic degrees. It’s at a point where Wil has legitimate reason to fear his bad luck rubbing off on click more those in his immediate vicinity; to quote the man during one of his guest appearances on Critical Role:Wil: I would like to apologize in advance to Liam for having to share a table with me.

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Answer Song: “Oh No” is a Take That! aimed at the The Beatles song “All You Need Is Love” ridiculing Lennon’s call for universal brotherhood as na Attack Animal: The album title and cover. Bloodier and Gorier: The album cover art was particularly bloody and gory for its day. Call Back and Continuity Nod: The album title refers to weasels, animals who would reappear a few times in Zappa’s lyrics.

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No, those who backed Halter were quite open about why they were doing so: to hold Blanche Lincoln accountable for her corporatist voting record. The value of primaries, as we’ve seen, is often the impact they have on incumbents who suddenly have to worry about what their constituents think if they want to stay in office. The strongest pillar of an extraordinarily weak financial reform bill is the language on derivatives, something Blanche Lincoln sponsored when she wanted to look like she was holding the banks accountable.

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