I was concerned that by the time the program was over, I might not have enough experience to get a junior developer position, or I still wouldn be confident in my knowledge. My concern was that even if I found a job at $25/hr (net of taxes), they might expect me to be a pretty badass novice engineer. I was a bit concerned that the bootcamp wasn really training me with enough foundational knowledge or giving me enough experience to become a decent backend developer.

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Faking the Dead: Maitland. Fan Disservice: The wife in “The Neat Job” mixes up the underwear drawers at one point. Terry Thomas is not flattered by pink women’s panties. “No novelists anywhere any good except me. P G Wodehouse and Tolstoi not bad. Not good, but not bad.”.

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A Commander Is You Doom = The Technical Faction Lots of units, each filling limited combat roles. The whole tech tree must be unlocked for an effective army. Heretic = The Mario Faction with a flavour of The Unit Specialist Faction Good all round, with strong melee, skirmish, suppression and ranged units.

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