O God, pray to our Lord Muhammad the Conqueror. And upon his family the right of his power and great amount of prayer, which is to be understood by my Shaheen, and validated by my present, and my eyes are recognized by meeting with our Master Muhammad, may Allah bless him and his family. There is no god but You.

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Translation: “Imam Muhammad said,” This is the message of Imam Muhammad, “but after worshiping the Lord who worships, worship will not be accepted.” (This is a commentary by the Imam Muhammad’s words.)> Have the true faith in action,

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We have nothing, we have not had food, we have not had blankets and I have children with me…

I’ve been to see a gendarme the day after the cyclone I I said: It goes in lollipop, give us a weapon or something…

He answers me: Take everything you have, if we come to loot you you
I answer him: Fend for myself How and it retorts: Save your life, if you have to kill, kill!

Dutch side, they have had everything in the two days that followed and we can prove it, we have everything, the dated videos, we filmed everything, thousands of people have

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