Many of the receptions Largent got came from Zorn’s arm. Largent came to his friends defense, and said things for Zorn as an obvious mouthpiece. Zorn has a contract that extends into next year, and rather be fired for bad coaching so he can get paid..

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Electric go karts will give you the thrills of a racing experience without the air and noise pollution. Not only is the air cleaner, but also the tracks are cleaner without the oil stains. Emissions from internal combustion engines are usually carcinogenic.

His name was pried off libraries and campus buildings, and his 16,000 square foot and helipad equipped home was opened up to paying gawkers. In the two years since he was ordered by a judge to pay $2.87 billion to HealthSouth, the company he started in 1984, his 19 cars and his wife’s jewelry collection have been auctioned and his houses sold. Then, over the weekend, came perhaps the final indignity: a yard sale..

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