G Rated Drug: Max has an. Interesting reaction to drinking coffee, even as a single cup. Though we never see the actual episode, the aftermath is usually treated in the same vein as a hangover for Max complete with What Did I Do Last Night? problems.

Most 2D platformers make the hero move forward; ie; Within a screen you start to the one side and then make your way to the other side to go to the next screen. Similarly in most 3D platformers/shooters, most of the movement within a level is forward. The character might jump up and down platforms but the idea is to move ahead..

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Usually James Bond wrecks his cars on purpose, but occasionally they get destroyed without his help. In The World Is Not Enough he loses a car to a saw blade wielding helicopter, a Lotus Esprit is destroyed in For Your Eyes Only because the self destruct system is linked to the car alarm. He has also had to escape two airplanes, on on fire (Jinx’s fault) and one about to crash into a mountain..

This was Bush 41, a quarter of a century ago, celebrating the terrific poll numbers his kwik win war on Iraq was generating. Remember yellow ribbons? I think he had a point. “Vietnam syndrome” the public aversion to war still has a shadow presence in America, but it no longer matters..

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