Started doing what we needed to do, Georgiou said. And Tes are a great combination and Taylor was putting ball downs, and, fortunately for us, we made less errors. Added 39 assists and 10 digs while Morton and Pellegrino chipped in with 12 digs each, as well.

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Yeah, we were jerks, but man it was fun! Now, I realize how not nice we really were, which kind of brings me to my question. Should I ask the gum snapper to please stop? The annoyance level varies, and sometimes I laugh to myself about it: karma putting me in my place. Other times it makes me want to scream.

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“I’ve been getting text messages, and my phone’s been blowing up,” Crisp said. “I don’t think I’ve had more than three or four text messages at a time after a game prior to the playoffs, and now it’s like 30, 40. Everybody is kind of saying it, ‘Two wins away! Two more!'”.