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replica hermes birkin From The Style GlossyAre you breaking out in a sweat thinking about what to pack for your summer vacation? There no need to fret. Summer clothes are so lightweight and versatile, you won even need to check a bag, whether you spending a weekend at the beach or a week in Paris.Think AheadFor the weeklong trip, consider your daily activities.Pick wrinkle free fabrics that pack and launder easily, like cotton jersey. If you don already carry an on the go stain remover in your purse, slip one in.Pack for UtilityWhat I call “fashionable utility pieces” are a must. They freshen up looks you be repeating and also serve the practical purpose of keeping you warm on a chilly night.Two of my favorites are an open knit sweater with the perfect amount of see through for easy layering; and a large, colorful scarf that convertible as a shawl, a cleverly tied halter or a head wrap. That a minimum! Since tees and halters barely take up more room than a pair of undies, you can easily toss in a few more.Two pairs of pantsTrend alert! Think pastel ankle jeans in mint green or buttercup yellow. Add a second pair of pants that can be worn with your fancy top.One pair of shortsOpt for a crisp, classic, flat front version that can be dressed up or down.One skirtAccordion pleats are very now; wear with a simple tee for an effortless, flirty look.One little summery dressGo for all white, a light print or my pick this year a candy colored solid.One swimsuitChoose a suit that reversible for a two in one option. “The statement necklace dresses up basic outfits for evening,” says Lisa Colaw, owner of Elan Style, a popular Scottsdale, Ariz., boutique. “Pick a piece that has both silver and gold, and it will go with just about everything.”Pare down the city packing list for a weekend at the shore. Omit the pants, skirt and two of the tops. Opt for flowing fabrics and lightweight cotton blends. replica hermes birkin

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