Oddly enough, some text briefly flashed on the screen at the beginning says that the video was retrieved from a memory card. Since memory cards don’t store things sequentially like a tape, this shouldn’t have happened. It would have just recorded the incident into a new file and there wouldn’t be any of the old video showing up in the new one.

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Interestingly, starting in 2010, the US version had to use new music for legal reasons, and now uses the same theme no matter what question in the stack is answered incorrectly. Even the last question. Personnel: The Announcer: Present only in the Japanese version.

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Production Company Lighthouse by the Sea (1924). Production Company Noah’s Outing (1924). Production Company Hawks of the Sea (1924). First off, I did not say this punishment was OKAY. Its barbaric and cruel and entirley unethical. The point I am trying to make is that this is not Islam, killing is a sin, a HUGE sin in Islam.

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