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Already mentioned several times here, we are going towards an abolition of cash and it could happen much faster than it is
It is through attractive applications such as:
• Contactless payment

• The Swish application (Sweden) where all transactions take place via a credit card • Orange Cash: the French leader’s weapon

• Lydia: Replica Designer Handbags the app that facilitates payments between
• Fivory: to accumulate promotions to each
• S-Money: the app that allows students to pay the restaurant U and the < br> • PayByPhone: the app that wants to replace the
• Kix & Co: the dedicated apps

• Paylib: the replica of the bankers that will soon open to payment without
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… That we are going in the near future willy-nilly to have to do without money
The great profiteers of a removal of cash would certainly be the

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