I mean, we saw it over and over again. And the reason why you ask you know, rape happens in society at large; why are we focusing on campuses? Why are we focusing on the military? Because there are certain institutions that provide perfect storm conditions for this to occur. They’re target rich environments; you know, it’s a transient population; there’s https://www.aaareplicasbag.com really poor adjudication and investigation processes in place, so that perpetrators can target victims and commit these crimes over and over again with impunity, which is why you see these epidemic numbers..

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This is, obviously, a subtrope of The Remake. If the original game was only released in one country, the publisher may then actually take a chance of releasing the remake to other markets as a Foreign Remake. Alternatively, if the game was specifically remade so it could be exported to another country, that’s Remade for the Export.

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