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10 kg rice
4 kg beans
10 kg sugar
3 lts oil
1 kg dried meat
1 kg salt > 1 kg wheat flour
1 kg table flour
1 corn meal
1 kg spaghetti pasta
500gr pasta noodles
500gr coffee powder
01Lt green corn
01Lt sardine
01Sch tomato extract
01 cookie cream cracker or 01TBl guava fruit
01GR vinegar
02Pct toilet paper w / 4 unids
01cx soap powder 1kg
01unid liquid detergent 500ml
03unid soaps
01pct steel wool 01unid toothpaste 01pct pasty soap
02lts softener
02lts disinfectant

kit danone
Kit Cookie
Chicken Kit 2 Breast Trays with Milk Carton

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➡Super family = 205
➡Great family = 190
➡My family = 175
➡Danone = 32
➡Biscoito = 30
➡Frango = 34
➡Lite = 40

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