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Somewhere in Africa, a village elder (Vernon Dobtcheff) uses wooden figures to tell the children the story of Maki (Max Renaudin), a 10 year old Sudanese orphan who has been sold into slavery with his friend Soula (Clara Quilichini). However, he manages to escape from the wicked Moreno (Thierry Frmont) and, when he cruelly kills the mother of a baby giraffe, Maki vows to protect the frightened creature as best he can. His task is made more difficult, however, when Moreno sells Zarafa to Hassan (Simon Abkarian), a Bedouin trader who has been ordered to find a giraffe by the Egyptian pasha, Mehemet Ali (Mostfa Stiti), to present as a gift to the French king, Charles X (Roger Dumas), in the hope that he will help liberate the port of Alexandria from the Ottoman Turks..

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