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Chloe Bags Replica Officers taped off Main and Steele streets between Third and Fourth avenues “for security and public safety reasons,” Whitehorse RCMP spokesman Cpl. Jeff Myke said in a release.The strip of Third Avenue parallel to Elijah Smith was also off limits.RCMP cruisers, fire trucks and bylaw officers barricaded all four corners surrounding Elijah Smith the federal headquarters in Whitehorse and home to 350 government employees.Eight firefighters were on hand for crowd control and “in case there was an actual event,” said fire chief Kevin Lyslo, who directed his crews from Fourth and Steele as the drama unfolded.”The package was removed without incident, allowing employees to return to the building and traffic (to) resume as usual,” the RCMP release stated.Most federal and territorial employees at the two buildings had already left the area.”You’re probably not going to get back in today,” Whitehorse Fire Department Capt.Yukon government employee Tammi Sikorski said the east side of Elijah Smith was evacuated about 10 to 20 minutes before the rest of the building.”I said, ‘that doesn’t work for me.’ I was a little concerned that they were only evacuating the east side of the building Chloe Replica Handbags,” Sikorski said. System directed occupants outside, but Sikorski was already on her way.”I did get concerned when they said to go to the other side of the street,” she added.RCMP would not comment on what was in the “suspicious package.”Myke told the Star the briefcase’s “contents were nothing of any concern.”Police must respond to these situations with the highest risk assessment until the package is proven to be non threatening Chloe Replica Handbags,” he added.Jonathan Colby on Feb 27, 2015 at 1:44 pmAm I the only one who’s going to ask, “What made the briefcase suspicious?” What aspect of the briefcase’s appearance suspicious? Was it because it was abandoned? No joking about the workers’ integrity here Chloe Bags Replica.