I wore the original EDM back in 2004 5, as I’ve now realised, I like scents that I consider “moody” and “dark”, but also a little sunny and sweet, so that my mood stays as elevated as possible; anyone who’s ever fought the good fight against lifelong massive depression will concur that it’s fairly imperative that we give our serotonin/dopamine receptors a boost as much as possible WITHOUT the use of mind altering substances, as those inevitably backfire at some point. However, my great dislike of most aquatics, ozonic, “marine”, “clean”, behind whichever tab these silvery, airy, scents are being filed these days, added to a big NO for generic white floral/white musk/fruity/synthetic vanilla with a dab of green, and nearly every chypre out there https://www.hermessreplica.com (aside from Nikki de St. Phalle, which I lived in the late 80s, but can no longer embrace due to scent association. Sad panda.) means I can’t get a little lazy about my scent choices, reach for the obvious “pick me ups” in the light blue or yellow, grass green bottles, with names that aim to force me to cheer the hell up.

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