Epiphany Therapy: Maris thinks she has Val’s Freudian Excuse after her meeting with Arak, and promptly hunts him down for a go at this trope. In a nice subverion of this trope, he shoots her down. “What did you expect me to say, flyer? Did you think I’d embrace you, bed you, sing a song in praise of your understanding? What?”.

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Qasir al Wasat is a 2012 stealth action adventure game developed by Aduge Studio and published by Zueira Digital in which you control an invisible creature. You have to carefully move from room to room while avoiding enemies, listening to conversations and solving puzzles. The creature can discreetly kill guards with a limited venomous attack, but fighting carelessly will lead to him getting splattered with blood until he can find shallow pools to clean it off..

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