A follow up comment apparently made by Vox wraps things up by https://www.aaareplicasbag.com just saying that Beau died, with no mention of whether or not she tried to help him as she talked about in her previous comment. As it was posted anonymously, it’s unclear if the post was actually by her or not; making it unclear if this is a case of Anti Climax or No Ending. Audience Participation: All of the segments of the story were originally posted on /x/ as Vox presenting what was happening in her life and asking for help, with comments from readers being actively encouraged and responded to.

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Some restaurant owners prefer that their stools are fixed to the floor; this prevents theft as well as the potential for horseplay or fighting using the stool as a prop. Other stools can be moved in and out from under the counter; this is particularly helpful when cleaning the floors, since the stools can be inverted and set up on the counter. Customers may also prefer the freedom of being able to move a stool around to socialize.

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