Thugs, hosts, Victory Road contestants, etc. Are still itching for a fight, though. After completing all of the taxi racing missions, Furumichi, the police officer revealed to be one of the Three Musketeers, can be raced as an extra opponent. I Lied: Volthoom offers Kyle a choice of realities to live in and promptly takes it back when Kyle chooses one where Alex is still alive. Kick the Son of a Bitch: While Volhoom restored the Guardians’ emotions and they felt genuine remorse for their misdeeds, it’s kinda hard not to root a little for Sinestro when he massacres them all barring Sayd and Ganthet Kill ’em All: In the final battle over Oa, Sinestro, when controlling Parallax, kills almost every single Guardian, leaving only three alone: a rejuvenated Sayd, Ganthet, and only other one, the latter just so that Atrocitus can sate his vengeance once and for all in his epilogue. Lampshade Hanging: When Volthoom destroys the Third Army, he notes that it never really mattered.

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