Eve Tokimatsuri of Megazone 23, though it’s well hidden until well into Part 1. She’s a subroutine of the Bahamut supercomputer that controls the Generation Ship the cast lives on. She chose 1980s Japan as “the best time to live in” and is also responsible for evaluating humanity’s readiness to return to Earth at the end of Part 2..

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Replica Wholesale Handbags Anyone can live indefinitely if they have the Fifth Heightening or above (People with less than that age more slowly, but the Fifth Heightening is when it stops completely). It’s actually better than being a Returned since such people don’t need a constant supply of Breath to live. Amnesiac Resonance: At one point, Lightsong realizes he has some detective skills he never learned, and concludes (correctly) that they must have been retained from his old life as a human. Replica Wholesale Handbags

Designer Replica Handbags Lord Geld pre boss fight is a squeaky voiced Tetsuo. The recurring “Lollypop” enemy is a fat version of Abobo, combined with Big Ben’s ability to breathe fire. Sledge is a Ninja Turtle parody, though his attack pattern is based on Rolento. Both Jessica and Carol have a laugh that Jessica’s baby will never have a normal life, not with his mother as a superhero. Heel Face Turn: Roger Gocking, aka the Porcupine, a minor Marvel baddie is now a hero and hanging with Jessica and Ben. Heterosexual Life Partners: With Carol aka Captain Marvel, until the event of Civil War II in which Jessica disavows their friendship over Carol getting Bruce killed by Hawkeye. Designer Replica Handbags

Cloning Blues: Discussed by the BLUs due to their uncanny resemblance to the REDs. Defied by Scout, who comes up with an awesome if illogical justification for why they’re better regardless of who’s the clone. Cloud Pyrolander: Pyro. Theme Song Powerup: Played With. They have a theme song, and it powers them up, it’s just. Love Hime’s theme song, rather than Replica Designer Handbags their own.

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Big Bad: There’s never an obvious one at the start, but just give it time. Zoofights 1 Swanmass, a disgusting blob of swan and gorilla meat that absorbs dead creatures into itself to grow. Zoofights 2 Das Ziegenmancer, a goat capable of raising the dead.

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