Wounded Gazelle Gambit: Hornet uses this to great effect in order to get Victor distracted and off the kids’ trail. She grabs hold of him and yells like she’s being kidnapped. Poor Victor has no idea what’s going on, but, mistaken for a “child snatcher”, he gets attacked by several outraged onlookers and arrested by the police, allowing the children to sneak away.. The idiot burglars Harry and Marv from Home Alone are a classic example, though also somewhat of a deconstruction. Although they are incompetent enough to fall into Kevin’s ill conceived traps, the traps don’t actually stop them, but instead just piss them off. Although they originally just wanted to loot the house of its valuables and weren’t interested in hurting Kevin, their focus ends up shifting from robbing the house to getting revenge for all the pain that the kid has put them through.

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