PUNTO ELE FREE – Marechal Hermes, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Punto ELX 2008
Do not respond face chat
Used cars in perfect condition!

➡ Complete
➡ 2008/2008
➡motor ➡ 4 Doors
➡ New tires
➡ Finance suffice to have clean name
➡ 2017 paid

> R $ see our inventory

☎ 21 96414-5170 THIAGO
☎ 21 97039-5255 RAFAELLA

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If someone is updating the BVI Safety Checklist it might be helpful to update the possible location of the following individuals who have not been marked safe and we believe might be in Romney Park – the road up the hill from where Big Ben’s was
Joseph and Andrea Asson
Kathy Corbett
Liane Le Tendre
Susanna and Amarro Potter at Casa Flamboyant
Susan Hoover – just past Casa Flamboyant; first driveway on the left
Ross Keeble; top of the hill, driveway to the left just after the last switchback
Cesar and Carolina Wells and family
Irsis Payano and her daughter, replica hermes Corazon at Tingalayo at the top of the hill

Tingalayo is at the top of that road with seven switchbacks and has a Hermes Replica Handbags

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Hermes Bags Replica House in COHAB de Bezerros
R $ 80,000 – Bezerros

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House for sale in COHAB street 7 in calves
House with, 3 bedrooms one with a suite and closet, two rooms, garage porch, dining room, kitchen, backyard, two social bathrooms and a recreation area on the roof
Total land size 4×20
Contact by phone 991172709 (watts) Hermes Bags Replica

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$ 50 – Rio de Janeiro

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– Brigadeiro
– Brigadeiro branco
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– Cajuzinho
– Bicho de Pé (strawberry)
– Brigadeiro de Queijo
– Brigadier of peanut
– Brigadier of Oreo
– Brigadeiro pineapple with coconut

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