NR ACADEMY Training Center launches a new campaign under the motto “MISLATHIZ YOU” for the admission of students to Master’s Degree:

Getting acquainted with your campaign for a good quality education with a friend, – Get prepared for logic for groups of 6 or 3 people, for groups of 8 persons or groups of 4 people from the Informatics, 8 – in groups from 8 languages ​​or 4 in the foreign language. ● Advantages :
– Lessons Learned by SSAC Experts with 7 Years of Experience in Office Practice and Experienced Teachers – 95% of Phase I Admissions, 97% in Phase II of 2012-2013 academic year Our Discounts:
– To be sure of our quality education contract after only 1 lesson – for course students twice a month and last two months every weekend FREE COURSES AND GENERAL SYNTHESIS EXPERTS – THE STUDENT’S STUDENT ACCESS TO STUDENTS FREE OF CHARGE… ASK YOURSELF IS

< br> Address: Close to Malakan Garden, Rasul Rza Street 25/15, 2nd Floor

Contact Numbers:
(012) 493 49 70
(055) 494-82-02
(051) 758-21-07

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