A 1999 drama film about dysfunctional people in Los Angeles, with Loads and Loads of Characters (as the page quote illustrates), written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights, There Will Be Blood) and partly inspired by the songs of Aimee Mann. Told in a series of interlocking stories. Known for being over three hours long, and for possibly the most non sequitur third act twist of all time, as well as for getting an Oscar Nomination for Tom Cruise. Mackey, producer of really sleazy pick up artist tapes), John C. Reilly (Jim, a kindly LAPD beat cop), Jason Robards in his last role (Earl Partridge, dying of cancer), Julianne Moore (Earl’s wife Linda), Philip Seymour Hoffman (Earl’s hospice nurse Phil), Phillip Baker Hall (Jimmy Gator, host of TV children’s quiz show “What Do Kids Know?”, which is produced by Earl Partridge), Melora Walters (Claudia, Jimmy’s troubled daughter), William H. Macy (Donnie Smith, former champion of the show 30 years ago), and Jeremy Blackman (Stanley Spector, current champion of the show).

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