More than 60 percent of new poisoning cases detected last year were in homes where owners are not required to take precautions against lead paint poisoning, according to MDE figures. The number in owner occupied housing increased to 149 last year, 20 more than the year before, while there were 66 new cases in unregulated rental units, up from 37 in 2009..

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Before the race, the Maryland Racing Media Association honored Eighttofasttocatch as the 2011 Maryland based Horse of the Year. Trained by Tim Keefe at Laurel Park, the son of Not For Love won five of 10 starts as a 5 year old, including four stakes on his home track.

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“They were so close growing up, always friends,” Mark Hardy said. “They would compete like you would not believe, but when it was over, it was done. Homewood Suites, 8320 Benson Drive, Columbia. Offers opportunities for artists to exhibit their work.

In Dai Sijie’s Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, which he based on his own best selling semi autobiographical novel, two well bred city boys are shipped off for “re education” to a remote mountain village in the Sichuan province during China’s Cultural Revolution. Ma (Ye Liu), a sensitive violinist, and Luo (Kun Chen), the handsome, cocky son of “a reactionary dentist,” are sentenced to four years of labor in the copper mines and fields, where they carry sloshing buckets of human waste up steep mountain paths..

“The courses werekind of short, but they were adequate,” Torgerson said. “We had a moderate breeze with lots of chop. I invite Susan Reimer to visit the school where I teach if she is operating under the misconception that teens don’t read the newspaper. (“These words are for parents, not their teens,” March 31).

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