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A second thing I thought about on the first day of school was my friends. I was eager to see if my friends were in any of my classes. When I walked into a class, I always took a seat at the front of the classroom. This may not connect with you, but one of the times that really hit me that I was a slave was when a dog I had for 16 years passed away and my boss would not even give me a day off to grieve. I could have taken a sick day I guess but I wasn’t sick and they threatened to fire me if I took a sick day deceitfully. She was my best buddy and I felt broken.

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Sliding Scale of Living Toys: Apparently somewhere between I’ve Got No Strings and Seems So Real and Living. The toys are aware that they’re only toys. And yet they act like living creatures and even eat. Harsh Word Impact is a metafictional version. Also compare Speak of the Devil and The Scottish Trope. If the words themselves have no inherent power, but a character is still harmed by them, that’s Verbal Weakness..

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