If you had been there, and were willing to voice your opinion on camera fake jewelry, I sure Mark would have loved to get your take. Yet, you guys did get your opinions into the story via the comment section. We now know that there are some people that adored the stores and their owners, and a segment of people that saw them as facilitating criminal activity..

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wholesale jewelry Tapestry Rose, a clothing boutique and gift shop in Rocky Hill, holds a 20 percent off sale on garden furniture, statuary and accessories Saturday. The event also features an artists’ showcase with works by glass jewelry designer Dennis Peabody and potter Chris London. (Selected works by each artist will also be discounted.) The store is at 240 Meadow Road (Route 160), near the Connecticut River Ferry landing in Rocky Hill.. wholesale jewelry

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trinkets jewelry Enfield Jewelry Store Owner Stops Armed RobberENFIELD A jewelry store owner said he stopped an attempted robbery Sunday morning in the Enfield Square Mall, punching the suspect and grabbing a gun away from the man. On Sunday, right after the store opened. The man demanded all of his gold chains and diamonds trinkets jewelry.