Fact of life. That said, unless you KNOW the source, or make the stuff yourself, I wager it tweaked. And everyone on my group try to work on faith and a prayer that the raw materials are not tweaked.

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– from Penteli and the citizens had to avoid this one

– they asked why the state does not send snowmobiles to them
No one out of the show dare to tell them “why did you go to Penteli after you knew what would happen?”.

Clients were and the customer always has
TV once again played its educational role! Hawk
Is an earthquake? Why is it late for the state to intervene to heal the wounds left by the Engelados crying parties and media (again well that they do not call it that did not predict the earthquake). Where are the planes, the helicopters, the ground forces to limit the destruction of the forest wealth and to save the houses (legally and arbitrarily) they are scrambling parties, local lords and the media, and they ask for resignations of ministers, sometimes, and the Corinthian bay with burgers? Why did not the responsible ministry take care of the slimy organizations to protect the residents and businesses affected during the tourist season?

Why does the minister stay in his place?

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