In June, when the park’s offer was rejected, Antonia plotted at her kitchen table, establishing a weekly meeting with residents inside her home. When those meetings grew too large, they were moved outside to her patio. She tracked down titles of residents’ homes, posted flyers, contacted school leaders, and supplied her neighbors with prayers, coffee, and food..

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Robinson, Kayla L. Glass, Krystal Anne Stark, Laura M. Mammina, Lian Zhu, Marcus Mackenzie Witcher, Mary Lillian Hanks, Matthew Carlton Hudnall, Nancy Jean Burns, Nariman Naghibolashrafi, Pratheeksha Premraj, Preeti A. Editor’s note: The warrant the FBI used to search a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner was released Tuesday. The filings show the FBI told a federal magistrate that the laptop likely contained evidence of illegal possession of classified information, Politico reports. Politico writes that the warrant may have been granted based exclusively on the FBI’s contention that emails between Clinton and Abedin could contain classified information based on the earlier phase of the probe into Clinton’s private email server use.

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