There are several factors you should consider when thinking about a fluorescent diamond engagement ring. The first is the colour, for it is only a positive attribute if the diamond fluoresces blue. This will make the diamond look whiter, but it is considered negative if the diamond fluoresces yellow.

However, Jack’s idea has not gone unnoticed. Usually seen as a messenger in Greek mythology, Hermes also acts as the god of commerce and thieves. Slimier and far more aggressive than Bernie Madoff or Gordon Gekko, Hermes has been crafted by Fisher to act as the physical manifestation of fraud.

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Sadly, the only “music” in the game are the beginning and end of level jingles. Chrono Cross (1999): Contained arrangements of songs from both Chrono Trigger and Radical Dreamers as well. Samples: “Ancient Dragon’s Fort”, “The Brink of Death”, “Chronomantique”, “”, “Forest of Cutting Shadows”, “Lizard Dance”, “”, “Scars of Time”, “Termina, Another”, “Time of the Dreamwatch”, “Zelbess”, “”.

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