I find it real
LMAO We are all in HUMAN bodies with DIVINE spirit! We all have the potential to reach Spiritual
White Shamans have been around since recorded
I say to you and them! SHAME ON THEM, for Hiding a gift that has been bestowed on them to share with the Planet FAR and
This goes for Money and Spiritual gifts as
The Secret Societies know this and they are just trying to slow this transition as much as they can and make as much money and gold as they
So even if you were born the Son of ‘’King Whitey’’ himself, you could still be a Shaman, Mystic, Seer or
There Millions of Shamans, Mystics, Seers and Healers incarnated and waking up right here right

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Hypocrisy, unbelievable hypocrisy / everything the liberals and Clinton were accusing Trump et al of **** was actually being conducted by Buma Clinton et
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All these silenced informants stepping forward now would not be able to if Clinton
They were all secure in their crimes because Clinton was a shoe in a definite winner right?

Wrong – here it
All why Buma is imposing sanctions against
Wrong Clinton
Love to hear what the liberal stations have been talking
This will take forever folks to uncover document charge indict hearings trials,
This is so twisted I tried to draw a flower chart with an entrance into the chart by every criminal
I will follow this
You can all do it if you follow :

The illegal electioneering
The falsified Dossier / basically replace the word Trump with the word Clinton and pull out the parts that are false
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