Evil Only Has to Win Once to tip the balance towards evil leading to a Class X 5 extinction of all life. Kind of puts a pyrrhic spin on Rippen’s goal. Bald of Evil: Rippen is bald on the Stone Age world, so he fashions a grass wig into his usual hairstyle. He really wants Akinari and Oyura to have a child together, so Dohaku can merge the bloodlines of the Ashina clan and the Kato bloodline, giving him his own line of puppet rulers through Aizu forever. Made of Iron: One of Dohaku’s techniques is this http://www.scasefp7.eu/you-are-never-too-old-to-go-to-this-place/, ‘Leaden Body.’ What’s better than being immortal and having the ability to harden your body to trap your enemy’s sword inside you. Oh, Crap!: Everyone gets subject to this, but Akinari has truly hilarious shocked moments. Saudi Arabia once had neutral zones with both Iraq and Kuwait. Rather than the buffer zones as seen in Star Trek, they were simply areas where the exact location of the border hadn’t been determined. Both ceased to exist when the border disputes were settled.

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