There is a crisis in this country. People have no faith in their elected officials anymore and these elections look like a high school slam book session. Once this country valued differences, now that is no longer true and the President is at least partially to blame.

It turns out her skates were sabotaged so she was out of control. The barking causes Robin to fall onstage, but she says that if he hadn’t, she would have rolled offstage and broken something the way Crystal sprained her ankle. He also finds the bleacher that Crystal has sabotaged, just in time for Sam, David and Joe to find it.

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Death from Above: Meteors raining from space with unusual precision. Downer Ending: As far as it looks before the broadcast is interrupted by a meteor impact, the entire world is doomed to destruction. External Consistency: If you wanted to clobber multiple points along the same latitude, starting over the pole would be a reasonable way to do it.

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