It’s not just a low mark I got, it was something that tapped into every failure in my entire life; my past relationships, weight gain, lack of career choices, jobs that didn’t work out and my shoddy parenting skills. Of course, I was a complete failure and going to fail my degree and never succeed in anything ever again. Most people when failing at something get up, dust themselves off and go about succeeding in something else. I believe what I do is called catastrophizing.

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If you have been praying for someone to come and help you solve your problems, then your prayers are about to be
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Look at the bigger picture, never feel selfish for taking time for you, you have the ability to change your surroundings: others may bring greater power to your
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2) We accept post to chat (in moderation)
3) They are allowed post with photos (even personal, as long as they are fun)
4) Free to post questions, happy posts, polls and all that the mind allows you 5) Sadness is not allowed!


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A Runner-up vs C Champion ——4:00pm

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Short plays With the chapters of both.

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Manager Sakura arranges a private room for them to have time together.

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