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? Monday to Thursday Promotion

?Pizza Family (35cm) for ONLY £ 7,
➖ Mozzarella > ➖ Calabresa
➖ Ham
➖ Marguerita
➖ Banana with cinnamon
➖ Romeo and Juliet
➖ Brigadeiro

?Promotion from Monday to Thursday
> In the purchase of 1 giant (47 cm) gratis a sweet brotinho (banana with cinnamon, chocolate or romeu and julieta) and 1 Refri of 2 Lts.

In the purchase of Pizza 70 cm Free family sweet (banana with cinnamon, chocolate or romeu and julieta) and refri 2
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For delivery we added delivery fee *

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R $ 250,000 – Madureira, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Beautiful property in Madureira with RGI and escritura Great opportunity 3 houses at the price of one in Madureira, lounge / diner, large terrace, garage etc. – Information and visits – Tel / Whatsapp: 21-971264263
Only Whatsapp: -21-964546231 – /// -21-964530986- / Carlos
Property located in Candiru street, corner with street Iguaçu, in front of clinic of – 1st house with, large living room, large kitchen, bathroom, 2 bedrooms, balcony, – 2nd house with living room, kitchen, bathroom, 3rd house on the 2nd floor with large living room for 2 main rooms, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, – Lounge area at the back of the 2nd floor with entrance – Garage for 2 – Terrace 70% covered with – All with tiled outdoor area and internal, property with possibility of – Great for investors or family – Value of all real estate R $ – Accepted car as part AND PAYMENT