Days of Future Past, one of the most famous story arcs in Marvel Comics, is a series of stories in which various X men and others get glimpses of a possible future where the USA has been conquered by the Sentinel mutant hunting AIs, mutants are rounded up in concentration camps, and America has basically been reduced to a totalitarian nightmare. Senator Robert Kelly, and it’s left unclear whether or not that future has been prevented. Empath) and his grandson Polaris Smurf, who eventually becomes Traveler. The story alternates between that time period and the present time period of the story series, where the younger Empath experiences “flash forwards” into the future at various points leading up to the starting point of the story. In those “flash forwards”, he sees himself and Smurfette getting married and having a child, Papa Smurf dying, Smurfette dying, and eventually the village itself being destroyed.

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