All Guitars Are Stratocasters: Averted both in the “Guitar Centered” short and the movie itself. Trixie and Sunset Shimmer in the movie play Flying Vs, Rainbow Dash used to play a semi acoustic (but her new guitar is an Ibanez similar to a Strat), Flash Sentry plays a non reverse Gibson Firebird, and the shop itself is stocked with all sorts of electric guitars and other instruments with recognizable real life counterparts, even if their depictions are somewhat stylized. All There in the Script: From the toyline, Photo Finish’s band is called the Snapshots, and her bandmates are Pixel Pizzaz and Violet Blurr. Aria Blaze’s name is not mentioned in the film, only in the credits. All There in the Stinger: It ends with the human Twilight claiming that there is something strange about Canterlot High. Cue Friendship Games. All Your Colors Combined: In the final battle, when Sunset joins the band, adding a seventh color (red) to the friendship rainbow, the Rainbooms reach full power and break the Dazzlings’ spell over the crowd, allowing them to use the additional musical power to conjure up a rainbow beam firing alicorn avatar and defeat the Dazzlings once and for all. Aluminum Christmas Trees: The instruments Trixie’s bandmates are playing look bizarre to some fans who haven’t seen any live performances of electronic music. They’re a fairly accurate representation of typical portable sequencers. Amplifier Artifact: The ruby pendants worn by the Dazzlings amplify their magic in the human world, allowing them to inflict a Hate Plague on the people with their Mind Control Music, and gain power through absorbing said negative emotions. Once the pendants are destroyed in the final battle, they lose their magic abilities and can no longer sing in replica hermes birkin tune. In the climax, Vinyl Scratch’s DJ booth and bass speakers act as this for the Rainbooms, quite literally, weaponizing their Magic Music to blast at the Dazzlings’ Siren avatars. Animation Bump: Even with the great effects the show has gotten over four seasons, the film still pulls it off. There’s a lot of usage of shading from light sources, depth of field including racking focus, camera pans and dollies, and compared to the first film the human characters are more dynamic and expressive. Apple of Discord: The Battle of the Bands becomes this for the students of CHS, fueling their Hate Plague.

Didn’t Think This Through: As Fang and Electro are bored, Maliki hands them a magnet to play with. She realizes a second too late that letting Electro hold a magnet is a pretty bad idea, since she literally electrifies everything she touches. Disproportionate Retribution: The firefighters opt to let Maliki burn in a fire because she didn’t want to buy a calendar from them. Divine Parentage: Madeleine is the daughter of Satan. Does Not Know Her Own Strength: Lady has trouble using pens or keyboards without completely crushing them. She also arm wrestled Jonn once, whose arm ended up in a very, very painful looking position. Foreshadowing: Becky’s Triforce necklace can be seen on Maliki’s bedside table in this strip, hinting at their future coming out. Friend to All Living Things: Maliki is very fond of animals, and owns a lot of pets, among which are several cats, hens, and even axolotls. Gag Censor: Alcoholic drink names in this strip are covered with the name of alcohol free ones. Healing Hands: Revealed to be part of Ankou’s ether based powers. Hostile Show Takeover : Mad took over the comic for a brief period, during which she published a few strips featuring Mascotte. Kayfabe: Souillon never steps out of character online. Strip descriptions, blog posts, comment responses, FAQ answers, and even Twitter and Facebook posts are written as either Maliki or Becky. He only steps out of the role when he meets fans during conventions, and even then, he officially acts as Maliki’s “representative”. Killer Rabbit: Mascot the Hellkitten. He’s small, cute, and has a habit of spreading bloodshed. Loads and Loads of Loading: Parodied in this strip, in which every single everyday item has to be updated before it can be used. Dialog Box: You have selected “Ice Tea”. The update IceTea 6.3.4b is now available for this product. Do you want to install it now.

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